Sea Deep / Sea Hercules

Sea Deep is an international engineering design, consultancy and manufacturing company based in Singapore which serves the energy industry with special capabilities in the offshore environment.

Acquired on 30 April 2008, Sea Deep Shipyard Pte Ltd (Sea Deep) is a wholly owned operating subsidiary of Baker Technology Limited (Baker Tech).  It operates at No. 6 Pioneer Sector 1, a waterfront land facing Southern Tuas Basin, which has a facility area of 335,000 sq feet.

It is principally engaged in the design and construction of a wide range of equipment and components used in the offshore environment.

Sea Deep’s products and services include:

  • Offshore Pedestal Cranes
  • Anchor Winches
  • Skidding Systems
  • Steel Products & Component Fabrication
  • Conversion/Refurbishment of Jacking System
  • Raw Water Tower Structure Design

Baker Tech has market presence in  China, the Middle East, Asia and USA.

With effect from 31 October 2018, Sea Deep’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Interseas Shipping (Private) Limited has changed its name to Sea Hercules Cranes Pte. Ltd. to better align with the subsidiary’s business activities.

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